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Moose Hunts in BC
Moose Hunting in BC
Moose Hunting
Moose Hunting in BC

BC Moose Hunting, Guided BC Moose Hunts


BC Moose HuntMoose hunting with Dome Creek Outfitters can be one of the most enjoyable and exciting hunts you’ll experience.  The rush of calling a 50” bull in to 20 yards will make your hair stand up and in addition to the beautiful trophy the freezer full of meat makes this hunt very rewarding. 

Starting in mid September bull moose begin their search to find the first cows to come in heat. During this pre-rut period lone bulls are often seen wandering and are much less wary of hunters in the area. Though not always responsive to calls, they can often be harvested by being in the “right place at the right time”, this strategy of spending time in the field in an area with a good population of cows can and usually is an effective way to hunt early season moose.

The first two weeks of October is when the moose rut hits its peak. Bulls can be called in from hundreds of yards away, often to as close as 20 or 30 yards. This is a great time to take a moose with a bow if you have the nerves to make the shot with a 1000 lbs of angry bull coming straight at you!

Though the intensity of the moose activity is often weather dependant, these hunts have a very high success rate of 80%+. Average mature bulls are in the 45”-50" range, but bulls 50”+ are harvested every year.

For the hunter not concerned with antler size, a meat hunt is an inexpensive holiday that will likely fill the freezer. Any bull, or calf is in season starting October 10 each year. The availability of this season alone is a testament to the large #’s of moose in the area.

Moose Hunt Prices

Booking for: September 10 - October 25

Moose Hunt - 1 Hunter with 1 Guide - $7,000 Harvest Fee $1500

Moose Hunt - 2 Hunters with 1 Guide - $6,000 Harvest Fee $1500




**Prices are US Funds and do not include Licenses, Royalties or Federal Taxes

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