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Welcome to Dome Creek Outfitters, we are proud to offer high quality hunts that cater to true sportsmen. Whether you’re in search of a Boone & Crocket Grizzly Bear or a hunting holiday that brings you closer to family and friends, our personalized hunts are the right choice. We have recently been recognized as an Outdoor Channel certified outfitter and have been featured in several hunting shows from 2011 to 2013.We offer premium Canadian Moose, Rocky Mountain Elk, Whitetail deer, Black Bear, Grizzly and Rocky Mountain Goat hunting all fair chase methods. We continue to expand the extensive trail system with platform stands over strategic meadows, rivers and lakes.

Dome Creek Outfitters is located in the Caribou Mountains on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountain Trench approximately 50 miles east of the Prince George international airport. Our 800 square mile exclusive guide territory has an incredible range of terrain, from low river bottoms favored by deer and elk to 8000 foot alpine peaks Canadian Moose thrive throughout the area in some of North America's highest densities. The combination of abundant prey, consistent berry crops and salmon runs produce Grizzly and Black Bears in numbers and size that can only be described as some of the best in the world.

Hunting is done on horseback, foot, boats, 4x4’s, tree platform stands, blinds etc.

Dome creek outfitters has become one of the leading family friendly outfits that knows how to cater to kids and couples as well as the serious selective hunter.

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